Meet Those Becoming Catholic! 

The St. Pius Church welcomes those who are learning more about the Catholic faith through the Becoming Catholic, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program.  Please pray for them as they prepare for the sacraments and make them feel welcome.  Below is a short biography of each:

My name is Marie Kabia.  I was born in Sierra Leone, Africa. Although I have never been baptized, I attended a Catholic high school.  I came to this country in 2002 and am working as Licensed Practical Nurse in a nursing home.  I have four children aged 10, 8, 6 and 9 months.  I started attending St. Pius four years ago and decided I would like to be baptized Catholic and receive the sacraments of the church.  

My name is Susan Erdeky.  My husband, Joe, and I raised our family in Bowie.  Our daughters are now married with children of their own. While we raised our children in the Presbyterian faith, my mother was Catholic and as a child, my mother would take my brother, sister and me to Catholic Mass.  After my husband passed away in January 2016, I wanted to return to my Catholic upbringing, and started attending Sunday Mass at St Pius on a regular basis.  I came to St Pius because for me it’s part of the Bowie community and it’s where Joe and I and our girls often attended Christmas Mass.  It was a perfect decision – I found comfort in the familiar and friendly surroundings.  My faith started to renew itself, and I felt God’s presence again in my life.  As time passed, I realized that I wanted more than attending Mass, and that becoming Catholic was the path God was calling me to take. I am blessed that the Becoming Catholic (RCIA) catechists and mentors at St Pius are leading me on this journey, and that soon I will be truly a member of the St Pius Catholic Church community.  

My name is John Gemmell.  I have a brother, three sisters, two daughters and three grandsons.  I am a Grounds & Maintenance Person for an Office Park, help others and work miscellaneous jobs. I was baptized Baptist but was introduced to the Catholic faith by Mary Cicero.  I was type 1 diabetic and have had a kidney-pancreas transplant.  I love to share the story of my faith journey and have enjoyed CRHP.  I find I learn more and more each day. I want to have God in my heart and looking forward to receiving communion and the sacrament of confirmation.

I’m Boyd K. Hawes, Jr. (Kip).  I’ve been married to my wife Jerri for 43 years.  We have no children, but have always had pets that are like our children.  I have been retired for almost a year, and now I get to spend more quality time with my wife and pets and working around the house and other things that I didn’t get to do while I was working.  We were married at St. Bernard’s Church in Riverdale, MD, and we both recently decided that we would like to return to the Catholic Church.  So we decided on St. Pius which is located at the end of our street.  I am looking forward to receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist.

To contact our Adult Ministry Coordinator, please click here.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process for those interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith, or in becoming Catholic. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us. We are also always interested in parishioners who would like to be sponsors, Catechists or offer hospitality to this group. 

The initial meetings are by appointment.  We meet for the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass and are dismissed following the homily to discuss the readings and learn about the Catholic faith.  The meetings generally go until around 11:30 a.m. and take place in the Faith Center meeting room.​

Becoming Catholic (RCIA)