Proclaim the Liturgy of the Lord during Mass.  Prospective lectors will need to attend a training session and have a try out to become a Lector.  Additional training sessions will be required during the year.  Lectors are asked to arrive 15 minutes before Mass to sign in.  For more information on being a Lector, please click here. 

Eucharistic Ministers-
EMHC's assist the priest with the distribution of Communion during Mass.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the Mass to sign in.  For more information on becoming a Eucharistic Minister please click here. 

Altar Servers-
Male and Females in the 5th grade or higher have the opportunity to attend a training session (and additional sessions during the year) to be an Altar Server.  Altar servers assist the priest during Masses and at Funerals.  Servers are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass and get dressed in an alb that will be provided.  If you have questions about being an altar server please click here. 

Music Ministry-
Music ministry leads the sung prayer of the Church during Mass. A contemporary music group provides music at the 5:00 PM Mass on Saturday, a contemporary folk choir serves at the 9:00 AM Mass on Sunday and a traditional choir for the 11:30 AM Mass on Sunday. 
      Saturday 5:00 PM Contemporary Music-   Membership by audition please.  Practice is held on Saturday

      before Mass.  For more information click here.
      Sunday 9:00 AM Folk Music-  Practice is held weekly on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  For more

      information click here.
      Sunday 11:30 AM Traditional Music- Practice is held before Mass for this group.  For more information

      click here.
      Children's Choir- Students in grades 4th-8th can share their gift of song with our Parish. The Children's

      Choir sings once per month with the 5:00 PM Contemporary Group. Practice is held the week prior to that

      Mass. For more information click here.

Sacristans prepare and set up all items to be used during Mass for Communion.  They also clean up after the Mass.  Sacristans must arrive 30 minutes prior to the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass and the 7:30 AM Sunday Mass and 15 minutes prior to the 9:00 and 11:30 AM Sunday Masses. If you are dependable and like to be behind the scenes, click here for more information.