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Led by Love Update by Fr. Mike
Every week parishioners and visitors bring a big smile to my face commenting 
on our new entranceway. With Phase 1 completed, we're looking ahead to Phases 2 & 3.  First let me give you some basic figures on where we stand (these numbers are as of 12/31/18). We ended the year with $1,735,935 pledged, which is 86% of our goal of $2 million dollars. Since our Led by Love campaign began, we've received $748,257. This enabled us to complete Phase 1, which ended up costing $594,428. This leaves us with $153,829 in the bank. Remembering that Led by Love is a 5 year campaign, we anticipate it being a few more years before we can complete the remaining phases.  
One exciting development to share with you is that we have entered into discussions with the school and are exploring some options for us to expand and redesign some of their existing spaces as they look to expanding their pre-K offerings.  I'll keep you updated on these discussions as they progress.  I am really impressed at what we have achieved together.   Our Led by Love campaign enabled all of this from 365 pledges (our parish has 913 households). In order to complete the entire expansion plan, more of our households will need step up with a pledge. We anticipate conducting a mini capital campaign later this year. 
Please prayerfully consider making a pledge or gift. To give now, click the button to the left. 
-Fr. Mike Jones

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