We don’t have to look very hard to find bad news, it’s all around us, all the time. The world is filled with it. Lots of the time even the Church’s message can come across as negative and unwelcome. And yet, as Christ’s followers we have been given the greatest news in the history of the world. “Gospel” literally means good news -  the good news of God’s love and care for us, the promise that he is for us and not against us, and that he really does intend all things to work together for our good. In this series we hear some powerful good news that Jesus shared with others and which he speaks to us.

Week 1 - Nov. 3
Good news: Jesus comes to us when we are lost

Week 2 - Nov. 10
Good news: God will raise us up on the last day

Week 3 - Nov. 17
Good news: trouble does not surprise God. He expects it and tells us to persevere through it.

Week 4 - Nov. 24
Good news: we get to do this! We get to share the Good News!