Throughout this series we’ll be looking at how each of us is called to live lives that are full of faith.  We’ll be hearing stories from scripture of those who have gone before us and give us examples of what this looks like, as well as Jesus’ parables that teach us how to practically do this.  To bring the message home, we’ll have testimonies from some of our parishioners describing their own faith journeys and showing us how God has worked in their lives.  We’ll also host a Prayer Ministry Weekend where parishioners will be able to come forward and be prayed with for their specific needs. 

June 10        10th Sunday in OT            whoever does the will of God is my mother / brother
June 17        11th Sunday in OT            Parables of seed & mustard seed     
June 24        Birth of John the Baptist Elizabeth & Zechariah as models of faith
                                                               Video testimony from Mayka & Peter Righi
July 1           13th Sunday in OT            Jesus heals the hemorrhaging woman
                                                               Prayer Ministry Weekend
July 8           14th Sunday in OT            Nazareth rejects Jesus
                                                               Video testimony from Linda & Tori Brown
July 15         15th Sunday in OT            Jesus sends out the 12

July 22         16th Sunday in OT            Apostles return, come away and rest                                                                                                                                                                     Video testimony from young adult group
July 29         17th Sunday in OT            Jesus feeds 5000
August 5      18th Sunday in OT            Manna from Heaven / I Am the Bread of Life
                                                                Video testimony from Trish Reimer
August 12    19th Sunday in OT            Elijah fed by an angel / Jesus continues on Bread of Life
August 19    20th Sunday in OT            I am the Bread of Life
                                                                Transferring SPX Feast day to today
                                                                Live Testimony from Anne Cullen
August 26    21st Sunday in OT             Husbands & Wives / Jesus has disciples leave
Sept. 2         22nd Sunday in OT            Truly honoring / Fulfilling the law
                                                                Labor Day weekend