Week 1        April 8         Double Take on Doubt
Week 2        April 14       Double Take on Fear
Week 3        April 22       Double Take on The Flock
Week 4        April 29       Double Take on Connection
Week 5        May 6          Double Take on Love

Merriam-Webster Definition of ‘double take’:
a delayed reaction to a surprising or significant situation after an initial failure to notice anything unusual —usually used in the phrase do a double take
We’ve all had circumstances in our lives that cause us to do a double take.  Someone surprises you with a tattoo, or a new boyfriend / girlfriend, or perhaps a new baby!  Those surprises catch us off guard, and can make us question what it is that we thought we knew.  But in comparison to the events of Easter morning, that’s nothing.
Jesus’ resurrection from the dead caused humanity to take the biggest double take in history.  On Good Friday Jesus was dead, his message defeated.  But on Easter he rose to life again, victorious, even over death itself.  In this series we will look at the double takes Christ asks us to take in our lives so we can experience true Easter faith as his disciples.